Rabu, 13 Juli 2016

I write a poem

I write a poem
In the middle of the night
The blanket sucks
It lets the cold touch my skin
My bones, my heart

I write a poem
Because I don’t know what to do
You stop replying over months
Used to have late night convos
But now it’s just me in the darkside of the screen

I write a poem
To whisper sparkle of missing you
I wanna say it loud into a song
Into the every ears of the world
Feels strange, used to do it together

I write a poem
I am frustrated
I am lost
I am sorry
I pushed you away

I write a poem
Smiling on my own
Play the tune you love
Replay the jokes you throw
The worst, read our old convos

I write a poem
I am sick of you
I wanna forget you
I hate you
Yet I don’t know the reason

I write a poem
I can feel nothing on you sometimes
My heart is already cold
Of atmosphere you bring me
But you set me on fire too sometimes
And I burned
Warm before; black after

I write a poem
What is wrong with me
What should I do with this feelings
I write a poem

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