Sabtu, 25 Juni 2016

Twice: My Room Mates Like A Boy Which They Think I Have Affair With

Gosh, that title tho.

So hola to nothing! I should study for Men's Anatomy test tomorrow but nah I wanna laugh to my self for my situation now.

I am in my aunty's house rn bc I got bored on my routine at the kosan, lol. Also here there's a box of magic (actually it's flat plastic) called television. Yazh, I'm not living on dormitory again, dorms is suck, in kosan i found a lil bit heaven taste.

BUT. How do you feel if your room mates have a crush on a boy which they think I have affair with? Hahaha, ewh I'm choking my self. So this situation actually have happenned twice in my life so far. In dorms and in kosan. Ewh. As a girl, we must be know if our friends like a boy. From the way they talk, act, smile, etc. And I am the type of person who likes watch people's emotions, movements so I can destroy the later, nah, kidding so I can be more sensitive for how they're feeling. I'm trying to be kind you folks, same as my baby Tobias Eaton, lmao.

Back to the topic, so I am gonna tell you (actually no one read lol) from the beginning. There's a boy, he sucks. I wish I never know him, I didn't wanna close to him since beginning I knew him, srsly. Idk why we're close even I ever didn't talk to him for 2 years, ewh, he's so childish, big ego, ewh, ewh. But I enjoy talk to him bout things on youtube/movies. That's it. I like his sense of humour tho. And we sometimes spotted together, but it just me and him laughing at the memes or talking bout movies or musics. Then ppl started think that we have affair. Wth????

It began from my room mate at dorm. Lmao, she, 192782838293u91x times telling me that boy is so cute, looks like Baymax, so funny, cute, handsome, funny, Baymax. She flirted when he came around (til now). She also liked to goda2in, cie2in me with him while her face is jealous. Sometimes her movements like manas2in me but I'm like what the hell are you doing?????

What it feels like to be me in that situation? That you know your friend like him but she thinks that I like him tho so she acted like jealous plus super centil flirt girl, cie2 girl????????? Bruh, if you let me, I can tell you that you have feelings to em and you can jadian if you guys have same feelings and let me free for your cie2, cubit2, jealous2, ewh, I am not interested.

Second, my feels is tested again. Now 2 (TWO) of my room mates from kosan act like the first girl. Omg, two. Rite, I am with 3 of my friends, Alhamdulillah one of my friend is normal lmao. Same as the first girl, the second girl is always telling me that he's cute, his body is fitted to her idol jodoh, handsome, and other compliments that I wanna choke everytime I heard it atm. She hides her feeling of crush to em for having crush on his brother. Actually my baby honey, I know you like em tho, don't be so hard on your self. She called me adik ipar, wth????????? Lmao whatever you like, girl. Then the third girl, she's always smiling ear to ear when she talks bout em. Eaakkk. You just fall in love, cieee. She showed me her chat with em, she talks bout his acts to her. More like manas2in but I am resist bruh. And it doesn't have effect of anything. And they also like to cie2in, goda2in me, even I ever tell one of them pls stop I am risih you know???? If you like em, tell em. If you lucky you'll have him. Why must be me that be victim of cie2?????

I am not frustrated as I showed you with (??????) but I am risih with you guys act in front of me. What are you wishing for from acting like that? Telling me that he's yours so I have to back off?? Or you wish me to telling him that you guys like him??? If you like someone go talk to him. Tell him that he's special. If the time is right, let Allah do the things that should be. Or if you too shy to tell him, go talk to Allah. Do whatever you want for him, don't freaking cie2in, foto2in, etc it makes me risih. Thanks.

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