Minggu, 25 Juni 2017

Wie geht es dir, Liebling

In a cabbage-green skies;
In an agonizing frustation:
In a tune I deaf for;
In a weak hesitant droplet;

Wie geht es dir, Liebling?

I envy;
I envy you;
I envy you so much;

A young blood;
I used to wake up;
A mom's crybaby;
A friend's egokid;

Wie geht es dir, Liebling?

I am not sure;
I am not very sure;

Where are we going;
For the first time you held my hand;
Said you are brave enough;
To dance all that jazz;

Wie geht es dir, Liebling?

Upside trees under moon;
A train a motorcycle;
Raincoat mascara;
Doubtes cliché;

Black haired girl;
A sweet tall masculine;
Sugar and spice;
With the moustard;

Wie geht es dir, Liebling?

May you don't believe;
I still dream of you;
And it came true;
Everytime I look at you;

Stupid heart;
Envy you;
For free and antisocial yourself;
I wonder;
Wie geht es dir, Liebling?

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