Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

Check to the mate.


by Katherine Cimorelli
How do I let go
Of someone like you?
Someone who stood out,
Planets and stars and
Dazzling comets above
Anyone else who's
Ever come close
To touching this heart
It was effortless to you;
A memorized maze
An expert at this game
I've never seen anyone call out,
As quickly as you did.
I'm frightened as you're far away and
I've pushed you out
To a deep, black sea
I just hope,
I hope that someone else
Can cast magic and tell stories and
Hold my heart so softly in his hands as
You did
Who called me honest,
And who stayed up late with me
One winter night
As I fell blindly
Into your open arms.

Idk why my heart just touched by this poem. Yesterday I watched 'The Ring' movie and that's full of checkmate situation. Maybe that's why now I'm in abstract situation. 

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