Senin, 13 Agustus 2012

Idiot-words HAHA

Heylaaaa holaaaa! Guess what?! I wanna post trAshy-words again! Hhh... It's been a really really messed weeks. Seven days of TORTURE, seven days of BITTER. My mom start cheated on me, my task start sreamed on me. Gosh.... K... wake up, go to pray, (no) breakfast, and go to school with bus! What?! BUS?! Yep, my story will begin jengjengjeng...

When I'm in grade 9, I ever tell to Witri that I still confused with fuckin' choice, named SCHOOL. I just have 2 choice... 1 Vocational High School (accountancy) and 7VHS (pharmacy). Honestly, in my dream I will be an accountant with big salary. HAHA. But... inanother 'dream' I wanna be a pharmacist! Whua-why?! It's just came suddenly when I met someone who can make me interested. He's OLDER than me. He's TALLER than me, of course. He's look like smarter than me. Umm... and I'm more more more idiots than him (?).

Yeah, that's why suddenly I wanna be a pharmacist and study at 7VHS, because he's too<3 Get curious? His name? You can cut the 'ta' from my name RIZQITA. And it's be Riz..... xoxo. He's not too handsome, and he has something in his face who make me say he's FUCKIN' PERFECTO! TE AMO BABY.

First time I met him, when I'm still grade9 in 'angkot'. "OMG... who's him?" said me in my heart... I tried to see his name... Oooh his name's *you can say it*. Day 2, He's more handsome than yesterday! Why tiks? Because he bring his THICK book and read it. That's so cool, dude. I swear. What's that book? Actually, I HATE THAT BOOK because now I have too-_- Yes, that's Farmakope Indonesia. The BIBLE of pharmacy's students. Wanna se? Ha check this out....

Wow... but, if you are me. You will see Farmakope just a HVS with *you know who* beside you. Aaaah... Day 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, etc. I always see him xoxo until he bring his things that I don't know what the hell are on his hand. He look very busy with his things and big black plastic. I just look him likean idiot. Well, now I' understand because now I bring it too-_- The tools of Recipe Practicum.... Next days... next months... I never ever see him again because I'm busy with National-Exa.

And...... when June 6th..... it's the best day ever! There's my name at 7VHS's website! Omg... I was so happy because my nexa score is FUCIKN' BAD not too good. And of course, I'm so glad because will meet him again<3

*at MOS* Suddenly my eyes on fire in 7vhs at the first day. Oh gosh... Isn't it dream? Or I'm in paradise~ We meet again. He wear almamater jacket, green. Green mean that he is OSIS. Awesome.

When Ramadhan come.... it's like 'berkah' for me. We always go to school 'together' with a BUS! I look his eyes when he look at me too.... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I'M SCREAMIN' WITHOUT VOICES. IT'S LIKE EVERYDAY IT'S WONDERFUL AND SUDDENLY IT'S HARD TO BREATH!! Just close my eyes and my heart sayin' OH GOD I THINK I'M FALLIN', out of the sky I close my eyes.... HEAVEN HELP MEEEEHHHH!!!!!!! Fyuuuh hufttt~

The magic begin at here.... you know, I always play a playlist of my favorite songs in my ears. And when *you know who* come into the bus, my playlist always play this song....

1. The Wanted - GLAD YOU CAME
2. Carly Rae Jepsen - CALL ME MAYBE
3. Glee cast - LIKE A PRAYER
5. or others love songs....
And suddenly, I always smile with my own like a crazy idiot girl.

My friends are Della and Desi become laugh when *you know who* come into bus. They just like 'knew' my habit xoxo. Aaaaah.... I'm in full spirit when I look his unique ears, shinchan's face and his hair=))

Last words.....
Dear beauty boy in the bus, if you read this just don't be mad, jack. This trashy-words just my expressions of my feel. I'm normal person. So I like you because I'm just normal girl who like boy. I believe, you'll understand.

And to MY IDIOTS FRIENDS who read this, DON'T LAUGH on me:( I know I'm so stupid cause I open my privacy. Ummm.... so wait Antagonist Part 2, insyaAllah will post when Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 in theathre. Keep calm and say Tika IDIOT *kiss*.

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